Finish line

I ran and ran,until I wasout of breath,but there was no finish line in sight, maybe it was a blind raceI was put inby the world We are told many things about what's important to us. Sometimes we are given a choice of what to pursue, and other times, it is imposed on us. We... Continue Reading →


She is picturesque, like a graceful waterfall, flowing silently, and spectacularly, Unless she is pushed to the edge, when she becomes thunderous, and destroys everything pretty violently.

The night can wait

These empty thoughts Feels good right now, Don’t want to leave It on the fate, Not trying to cling to them, Only experiencing a Delight, In morning they’ll leave, So the night can wait.


A million thoughts, craving to be told, expressed, understood, when they asked, what are you thinking, there, I just stood, thought, would it bring any good?


No matter how far we glide, keeping all the distress aside, there will be homecoming someday, towards our loved ones, we'll slide.

बातें हज़ार

ज़हन में है बातें हज़ार, कहने को शब्द सिर्फ़ चार, फिर आया मान एक ख़याल, कह के जीत लूँ, या बिन कहे मान लूँ हार।

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