She is picturesque, like a graceful waterfall, flowing silently, and spectacularly, Unless she is pushed to the edge, when she becomes thunderous, and destroys everything pretty violently.

Free Fall

You want to do a free fall, Into the open arms of your love, Just hope you made the right call, And it takes you above and above.

The support

When I was lost and in the dark,

When my life went out of spark,

You lit it up with a candle,

At my worst, only you could handle.

How to get over someone and move on

You should remember that this is not a race to be won, you are not competing with anyone, but you. It is a process to go through in which your approach determines everything. It will take time. 

You vs Them

Yes! That seems kind of common today. We take offence very easily. And whose offence do we take? Narrow minded, small, insecure people who can't see other person's growth and success. They really don't feel much good about themselves so they make other's feel bad by being judgemental, rude and as we have the classic quality... Continue Reading →

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