She is picturesque, like a graceful waterfall, flowing silently, and spectacularly, Unless she is pushed to the edge, when she becomes thunderous, and destroys everything pretty violently.

The night can wait

These empty thoughts Feels good right now, Don’t want to leave It on the fate, Not trying to cling to them, Only experiencing a Delight, In morning they’ll leave, So the night can wait.

Something you found

Our life is mostly spent in finding things. Not always it will be something fancy or luxurious, it may be valuable or something practical and not dreamy. Not always it will be materialistic, it maybe a person, a reality of yours or something you did not want to know. You will find things, sometimes expected,... Continue Reading →

Give a try, before concluding.

Many of us are afraid to even take a step, an initiative. We are over thinkers. We conclude the results even before trying, which is wrong if we Realize. Why are we like this? As many of us consider ourselves too perfect, we are not afraid of trying! No. We are afraid of failure, we... Continue Reading →


Whoever isn’t in a cage is free, You can stroll, fly or go deep down in the sea, Being in limits is never a choice, Curtailment never made moments of joys.   Being a slave is not the alternative, Say no; break the rules, no need to be cooperative. Great brains have never achieved in... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

We sometimes underestimate our ability to work and do stuff, to handle important matters, which is erroneous. No one is stronger than you. You are your in charge. Only you can make yourself happy and your happiness is in your hands. You don't have to be dependent on anyone for your contentment. If you do,... Continue Reading →

Creation or Destruction?

Some things in life are inter dependent. So is creation and destruction. Every act of creation is first an act of destruction and every destruction is a place for new creation. Interesting, isn't it? Destruction is actually a form of creation. We create by destructing. Without destruction there cannot be any creation. And if we... Continue Reading →

You vs Them

Yes! That seems kind of common today. We take offence very easily. And whose offence do we take? Narrow minded, small, insecure people who can't see other person's growth and success. They really don't feel much good about themselves so they make other's feel bad by being judgemental, rude and as we have the classic quality... Continue Reading →

Temporary is only permanence

The moment you living, every emotion you feeling or any problem you facing, Everything is impermanent. What you have today may not be with you tomorrow. That happiness, sorrow, anger or any other emotion you feeling, TEMPORARY. Time will change, sooner or later but it will. For sure. Even the life we're living is temporary.... Continue Reading →

Your Journey, Your way

Every Journey has experiences in it. You don’t know until you go on one. Until you travel, take a ride from one place to another. Every journey has a starting point and an ending just like 'life'. We were born and someday we'll die. What happens in between, what you experience, what you seek, what you learn,... Continue Reading →

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