The night can wait

These empty thoughts Feels good right now, Don’t want to leave It on the fate, Not trying to cling to them, Only experiencing a Delight, In morning they’ll leave, So the night can wait.

The ocean

The heart did the appreciation, To eyes it was an attraction, To body, now it was a distraction, Mind thought it as a whole, it was just a fraction.   Wanted to dip, swim and dive, Was feeling more than alive, Moments like these are what we strive, Either we are ten or we are... Continue Reading →


As we are in this pit, Unable to see a ray of hope, All we want is to be out of this darkness, Something to relax us, something to cope.   Unmindful about the time, Whether it’s day or night, We wish after this long dark tunnel, There is eternal blinding sunlight.   It’s not... Continue Reading →

A thousand thoughts…

When was the last time you had no thought in your mind and you were empty minded for a while? Wasn't that feeling amazing? We humans claim that we are thinkers but the reality is we are over thinkers! We think way too much, more than required, more than enough. We never rest our minds,... Continue Reading →

Creation or Destruction?

Some things in life are inter dependent. So is creation and destruction. Every act of creation is first an act of destruction and every destruction is a place for new creation. Interesting, isn't it? Destruction is actually a form of creation. We create by destructing. Without destruction there cannot be any creation. And if we... Continue Reading →

The Lost Depth

Depth We're not much of a deep generation. We don't think much before doing something. We are fast moving people. We don't want to stop even for a second. We're just running in this race without knowing which race it is. We are shallow people. What we have in depth is, shallowness. We have really... Continue Reading →

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