Being perfect

I believe we’re in a doomed time where for us, perfection is the new normal. We won’t be and take anything less than a 100 percent. Anything slighter than that and it’s not even worth it.

A day in Paris

When is the best time to visit the most romantic city in the world? (Spoiler: not during a pandemic) but that’s what happened, and I ended up in the laps of the Eiffel Tower for a day to catch a flight to New Delhi.

Broken perfectionism

To have it all,  in the first go, to get disappointed, when someone says no, we're used to seeing others' high, we only focus on our low, they were an amateur, before they were a pro, a thousand torn up dreams, before there was one to show, it takes a lot to be a sound,... Continue Reading →


No matter how far we glide, keeping all the distress aside, there will be homecoming someday, towards our loved ones, we'll slide.

2020… the growth year.

If 2020 was a movie, I’d be a dull and unpleasant one to watch. It’s a rare happening where the whole humankind suffers at the same time. Everyone going through some kind of discomfort, together. We’re still midway through the year & it has been no less than a roller coaster ride. There have been... Continue Reading →


लोग तो कई है, जमा लेंगे महफ़िल, कर लेंगे बातें, लेकिन जो बात है अंदर की, बिन बताए यूँ हम कैसे रह जाते,   हो कोई सुनने को तैयार, तो बह जाए दिल का दरिया, नहीं तो रह लेंगे बिन आवाज़ के, जब न हो और कोई ज़रिया,   बताने को न हो कोई मित्र,... Continue Reading →


You are untold that you are good, Just the way as you are, You carry those shining qualities, Just like you carry those shining scars.

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