7 billion idiots

We’re put into this world
not in any panel of experts,
but with a few idiots, a few
people in a shell, as if they
they didn’t trip and fell.
but we are meant to learn from
them, buy the advice they sell.

on our journey
we meet more idiots, good idiots,
bad idiots, no one aware of why are
they here, money, fame, success,
that’s what we run for, as if
that’s the ultimate goal.

We all think we know what we are doing where most of us are just finding ways to get through life because many of us were lucky enough to have good roles models and a supporting family around us but many people has seen dysfunctional relationships, broken friendships, and not the best environment.

It’s true that there are all kinds of people, some are less idiots than others but that’s what we all are. Some are academically brilliant while bring an emotional wreckage, some knows how to take care of their friends and family, some doesn’t know how to take care of themselves.

What we know is the best we know of, we believe there isn’t any other way of being and spends rest of our life like that. A little self-awareness and knowledge might make us less stupid, but we’ll still be, well, a stupid.

Image credits – The Political Correctness of ‘People of Colour’ – Political Animal Magazine

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